First year student Jack Parvin, who is currently studying Politics, Law and Economics, is running to be Darlington’s next Youth Member of Parliament! This means that he would be part of The British Youth Council, comprised of 650 young people each representing a UK constituency, whose aims are to represent young voices nationwide.

Jack’s goals for Darlington should he secure the role are to ‘make Darlington an even better place for young people to live, and to give back to the town and foster a better community for all.’

He also aims to:

  • Boost the town centre
  • Increase leisure facilities for young people
  • Establish a community hub to support people
  • Push Darlington in the direction of a greener future
  • Improving the walking, cycling & bus routes in Darlington

Jack is amongst five young people who are currently campaigning to represent Darlington from 2024-2026, and voting opens on the 26th February! Keep an eye on our social media platforms for how to vote.

Good luck Jack – QE are rooting for you!

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